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we are brake run, a shoegaze band from pittsburgh, pennsylvania. here you can find our music, our shows, our merch, and more.

**"lift hill soundtrack 2" out now**

our second EP is available now!! this is the first one with brad on the drums, and we recorded it all in his basement with just a few microphones. you can find it over on our music page or wherever you listen to music. you can throw us a few bucks for the mp3, or listen to it completely free here on the site. you can also click on the image to take you to it on bandcamp, if you feel so inclined.

**"brake run 8-12" out now**

sc exclusive set of breaks & other warbly weirdness for u to hear!! last summer around vaca time i did a whole bunch of songs in the same vein, brake run 1-7, so it was cool to sit down and do something like that again. i downloaded amigo sampler like halfway through making this thing too, so!! yay!! click on the image to hear!!

**live at MMF 2024*

5/18/24 we performed on the purple onion stage for the millvale music festival. you can watch the performance on youtube now:

**lift hill zine**

have you heard about our companion zine yet? whenever i feel like it (usually once a month/every other month) i write up a zine about roller coasters, music, and any other thing that's come to my mind when i sit down and decide to make it. right now there are 5 volumes out, with more on the way soon. AND you can get a bundle with every zine as well for just $5. each zine is hand-stickered and hand-mailed from yours truly, so don't be afraid to pick up a copy (or five, makes a great gift for yr friends)!

click here to go to the bundle

zine 1, zine 2, zine 3, zine 4

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