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last updated 2.14.24 at 11:22am ET

split with vien kohl OUT NOW

john & i played in my old band together before he moved to rochester, ny. now we'rve bringing together our successive projects for a good old fashioned split. tapes are via flowerpot records, thanks to wes 4 all of the help n support she provides!

from flowerpot records: "A musical friendship that's lasted through a band breakup and come out the other side blossoming, Brake Run and Vien Kohl pay homage to their previous project Saltlick while expanding both of their new projects' sonic pallettes."

new show w/ pale lungs & pony

we've got a hot one coming up at the mr. roboto project next month -- catch us with pale lungs, pony, and twin lakes! click on the poster for tickets.

live @ the mr. roboto project 2.3.24

some new songs were played at the last gig with star funeral and we've posted them online for you to view!!! check out the youtube or click the embedded video below to see a performance of "brakerunning":

shirts are here!

we have brand new shirts! take a look at the lift hill shirts designed by hannah, modeled by her and brad. come get them at the next show or online at our gumroad if you so please.

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